Skip The Renovation

Renovation and decoration is the main thing in Homescapes and if you want to complete the game faster then you need to skip the renovation. Now, you may be thinking that why you should skip the renovation?

Well, let’s start by knowing few basic tips regarding the game which can help you that what’s right? Homescapes is the trending causal game developed by Playrix Studio which can be accessed using IOS as well as Android.

You have to earn coin and star that’s going to help in the renovation and decoration. It’s the butler home you have to renovate and there are many methods to do this. You can start upgrading as you complete the puzzle or you can skip it.

Skipping the renovation won’t affect the progression but you will not get new events and tasks. If you are not able to earn currencies then you will end up playing the game but getting no progression. In this condition, many search the method to Hack Homescapes Coins but there are very few which can help.

HOMESCAPES Gameplay Story Walkthrough Video:

Try To Make Power-Ups

There are many types of power-ups which are helpful in completing the puzzles fasters. In other words, you will be able to assure the faster progression using these power-ups. There are total three types available in the game and if you want to get these then match 4 or 5 tiles.

If you play well and know that what’s the right time to use a power-up then you are able to win. Try to earn coins and stars as much as possible with power-ups. If you use these powers then you gain extra coins.

Make sure that you spend the resources wisely because there are many chances that you can end up getting into the trouble. This is really important and you should pay attention to the fact that spending these wisely help in faster progression.

There are many things in the home which can be skipped until you are focusing on other large things. Try to be selective and renovate most of the important thing. The decoration is all about what you taste is but spending resources wisely is also the thing to consider.

The Need Of Using Lives Wisely

You have seen that the developers provide you limited resources as well as lives. Many may be thinking that what this is. Well, you play until you have lives after that you have to wait for few hours. These are provided after few hours.

Those who love to play puzzles and getting the trouble due to lack of lives should find any method to alleviate this issue. There are many external sources which can help in getting free Homescapes lives with ease.  This is a simple, easy and most preferred method.

Now, this is the time to play the game and renovate the butler home as you want to. This will bring your creativity out and help you be the top player. You can find many gamers who have completed this game and if you also focus a little then this is easy to be the top player of homescapes.